According to a report, email users sent and received around 333.2 billion emails in 2022. As per experts, estimates indicate that this no will be around 70.4 billion before 2025. You’d be surprised to know how many no-emails you should be sent to your user inbox. It will let you know if the successful campaign or not. You can create the perfect marketing email with adequate time, care, and work. However, it will be meaningless if you can’t get it into the inboxes of your receivers. More frequently than not, marketing communications land in the spam folder of the email inbox.

10 Ways to Maximize your Email Deliverability

Working on your email delivery is one of the important tips for scaling up email marketing campaigns. You may have ambitious goals. Regardless of your current success rate, you may want to double it. 

Here are various methods to accomplish this:-

  • Authenticate Your Email

Email authentication is one of the best ways to verify the genuineness of an email. Numerous techniques, such as DMARC, DKIM, SPF, and other types of verification, can be used to achieve this.

  • Warm-up Your Domain

Your sender’s reputation might be in jeopardy if you send emails to many people at once. Additionally, it can subject you to regulation by email service providers (ESPs). Consider commencing your campaign by sending emails to a small number of recipients if your IP address is new. Later procedures will allow you to raise the number of your outgoing emails. SM Digital Solution is the Best digital marketing company in India that provides advanced digital marketing services. 

  • Check Your Rating

Monitoring your sender score is one of the finest methods to improve the effectiveness of your email marketing campaign. Checking metrics like spam trap hits, bounce rate, spam complaints, complaint rate, etc. can help you achieve this.

  • On your mailing list, double-check that the email addresses are accurate

Your mailing list might contain a variety of email addresses. The correctness of the figures is more important. Before including the email address in your mailing list, send a confirmation message. You might verify the accuracy of the email addresses in your mailing list by doing this. Later procedures will allow you to raise the number of your outgoing emails.

  • Make the Process to Opt-out of Your Emails Simple and Easy for Your Subscribers

The interest level of your customers may vary from person to person. Sometimes, not all of them will be keen to receive your marketing emails. Such users would like to opt out of your mailing list. Make the process of unsubscribing from your mailing list simply and easy for them by adding a link to your email. Customers who are not interested in getting your marketing emails will be filtered out at this phase. Following this, you will only have clients who are eager to learn about your goods and deals.

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  • Recognize a Spam Trap Email and Avoid Sending Emails to it

Email service providers (ESPs) set up spam traps to monitor spammers. If you send marketing emails to such email addresses, the bounce rate of your emails may increase. Additionally, it will have a detrimental impact on the delivery of your emails. Using email tools is one of the biggest ways to avoid spam traps. Such a tool makes it simple to spot spam traps.

  • Avoid Populating the Body of Your Email or Its Subject Line with Spammy Words

Many emails go to the spam folder of the user’s inbox. The main cause of this is the presence of spam in the email’s subject line or text. Avoid using such terms if you want to stop this from happening in your email. Some spammy words catch the attention of email service providers (ESPs). These include “solution,” “discount,” “free,” and “%.” In addition to these words, ESP considers some other elements to be spam. These include “!”, “?”, “Re:” and “Fwd In addition to these words and punctuation marks, you also need to keep in mind some simple email tricks to avoid spamming.

  • Refrain from Using the Email Lists that You Purchase

To make your email list look better, you may want to consider merging it with purchased email lists. But this move could put you at more risk than benefit your email marketing campaign. Often, purchased email lists include false email addresses. Sending them marketing emails can negatively affect your sender’s reputation. Additionally, there may be legal consequences for sending marketing emails to the email addresses of purchased email lists. To turn away such prospects, stay away from utilizing purchased email lists in your email marketing campaign.

  • Pay Attention to Email Hygiene

You can have multiple email addresses in your email list. Some of them may belong to users who are either inactive or not engaged like others. Along with your email addresses, consider deleting the email addresses of people who want to unsubscribe. Also, pay attention to splitting the email addresses of your target audience into separate lists. This will help you to send personalized email addresses to your customers in a better way. The more you do it, the better your conversion rate will be.

  • Send Engaging Marketing Emails that Correspond to the Needs of Your Subscribers

Your customers are eager to receive relevant marketing emails from you. When you send such emails, you’ll have a higher chance of getting them delivered to your recipients’ inboxes. Remember to add only relevant information to the needs of your target audience for a meaningful conversation with them. Only add data to the email that is relevant to their needs.

Final Thoughts

Contrary to what most people think, it is possible to double your deliveries if you implement a few steps. By adjusting your method just a little bit, you can accomplish this aim. Try putting the above email marketing hacks into practice to double your email delivery rate.