Many companies are having a difficult time in the process of implementing digital transformation. Most of the time, they are focused on the tools and technologies needed. However, digital transformation involves more than this.

It’s no longer sufficient to possess the most up-to-date software or employ new technologies in the digital plan. In order to truly transform your business, you must establish the mindset of a digital one and acquire the necessary digital skills to help accelerate your transformation.

In the role of the main face (and the revenue source) of your company, The key to being digital is in the sales and marketing teams. But are they equipped with the experience and know-how to take your company to where you’d like it to get?

Let’s examine five simple and efficient ways to enhance the capabilities of your sales and marketing teams to become digitally supreme.

How can we define digital transformation?

Let’s begin by defining digital transformation? In simple terms, digital transformation refers to the process where you make use of digital technology to develop new or alter current business processes, cultures, and customer experiences in order to meet the changing needs of requirements of the market and business.

According to Statista, digitally-enabled enterprises will be responsible for more than $53 trillion by 2023, which is an increase from $13.5 trillion in the year 2018. This number demonstrates the need for companies to become digitally adept to stand out in a competitive market that is increasingly dependent on digitalization.

The mistake that many businesses make during their digital transformation as per Brian Corish, Managing Director at Accenture Interactive in our recent webinar, is trying to implement too many changes at a move. “If you consider digital transformation, companies who are the best at it are those who choose one aspect of the customer’s journey to change it. They choose one area where they know will create differentiate themselves from competitors and then increase their investment and make a lot of investments.” SM Digital Solution is the best digital marketing agency in Delhi that provides advanced digital marketing services. 

If you are a business owner consider the most crucial area to concentrate on first, and establish realistic goals that will aid in achieving your organizational goals. This could mean improving the experience of customer purchasing as well as improving marketing and sales alignment or aiming to enhance internal digital competencies through a specialized training program.

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1.) Determine your mental state and gaps in your skills

Digital isn’t a supplementary feature to your business. It’s becoming a necessity and that thinking must be influenced from the top. Your company needs leaders who know the value and significance of digital technology to develop and nurture a digital culture that is embraced by the entire enterprise.

One of the first steps towards achieving this is to understand the mindset of the moment.


  • Are your employees concerned about or afraid to utilize digital technology?
  • Are teams aware of which digital processes and technologies are being implemented across the company?
  • Do teams work together and share information via digital channels?
  • Your employees are aware of digital processes that are taking place throughout the company?
  • Employees are aware and aware of the objectives and goals of the company like revenue, KPIs, etc.?

Spending time to discover the position of your employees with regard to their understanding of business will help you to put procedures in place that allow transparency and communication so all employees are on the same level.

This mentality feeds into the capabilities of your business. Being digital doesn’t mean you have to utilize every channel or piece of technology available. It’s about choosing the most appropriate one for your company.

Are you able to find someone who can assist in this? Have you got a strategy for digital? Are you confident about making use of the most important digital channels to help get your message to the world? There is a myriad of digital capabilities that can benefit your company however, you must create a strategy that is specific for your business to facilitate digital transformation.

2.) Create cross-functional teams.

There’s no reason to have your marketing and sales teams operating in groups. They must work in tandem to ensure that the message of your business is consistent and clear to attract potential customers and turn leads into customers.

Promoting cross-collaboration is a way to take all knowledge and capabilities into account. It allows sharing of ideas to enhance the work of your organization and lets employees engage with and learn about the latest technology. It also aids in instilling the same language and general understanding of technology to allow for cross-departmental and future-oriented thinking.

It not only gives employees the tools to be more productive and gives them new information and knowledge, but also encourages teams to think beyond the specific areas they work in. It also gives new employees a way to become familiar with the organization.

It could help a novice marketing employee to be a part of the weekly sales meeting to understand the language and observe the strategies used to boost conversions. For instance, the sales team could be asked to look over edits to blogs to learn the significance of SEO keywords for lead generation.

It’s about creating marketing and sales alignment to help drive progress and achievement.

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3.) Provide ongoing professional development

Companies that invest in the best experiences for their employees, and plan for the next generation, usually surpass their competition, delivering 19 percent more revenue growth than their competitors plus 15% greater profits in accordance with MIT Management.

“These companies are also creative, more adept in cross-selling, and provide the best customer service,” said Kristine Dery researcher at the MIT Center for Information Systems Research.

In order to prepare your employees to meet the requirements of the modern world, You must ensure that they are prepared for the demands of the digital world. their careers. CPD or Continuous Professional Development (CPD) plans allow you to provide the most current and relevant learning opportunities for a wide range of essential and specialist skills.

There are many benefits to CPD for both your employees as well as your business, and it does not have to be difficult. Many specialist companies such as DMI – provide simple and effective methods to master new techniques in exchange for CPD points by taking an ebook reading course, an online course or even listening to podcasts.

If you can identify the skills that aren’t being utilized in your company and identify the gaps, you can modify the training you offer in-house and CPD programs, and then regularly adapt them to the market changes to ensure that your skills are up-to-date.

4.) Create a rewards program to motivate learning

It may be difficult for your employees to squeeze into learning while juggling the other tasks they have to take on. To motivate learning, it’s beneficial to develop an incentive system to encourage and reward. This can be in many different types:

  • Give training sessions a dedicated time This gives employees the time to unwind from working and concentrate on their learning. It could be used either on a monthly or daily basis.
  • Learners who are creditworthy publicly shout about employees who invest the time to learn via their internal networks or during meetings.
  • Spot awards are a way to reward learners of the month by way of an award voucher or a day off.
  • A monetary bonus is a cash reward or additional money in a paycheck on a quarterly or annual basis.
  • Provide certifications – providing the opportunity to earn a recognized certificate is a great way to demonstrate learning that can be shared within the organization and on social media.
  • Use gamification in your system if you’re using a learning management system, consider adding leaderboards or badges in order to promote healthy competition.

5) Offer appropriate training and learning for functional purposes.

It’s easy to provide relevant education, but a lot of businesses aren’t performing it correctly. It is possible that you have an effective learning management system in place but is it current to meet the demands of today’s skills? Do you think it reflects the outside world in terms of information?

If you think about the abilities required by the business, consider mapping that to the education you offer. If you require an expert in social media provide training in that area to ensure that other team members are proficient.

It is also essential to provide the right training to facilitate practical learning, and to ensure that your employees are “job-ready. The point is that you require your staff to be equipped with capabilities that are immediately relevant and applicable across different business sectors in order to carry out specific digital tasks.

One of the problems in digital, be it digital marketing or social selling success, is that it evolves all the time. This means that the skills become outdated in a short time and new technologies – social apps, software, algorithms – have to be mastered to keep up.