One of the web elements that Google likes is breadcrumbs, and Google insists that breadcrumbs play a vital role throughout every one of their SEO-related guides and documents.

The reason is straightforward, and the breadcrumb trail offers users and search engines something.

Search engines utilize these to give a clear insight into how your site is organized and assist users in navigating your site more efficiently.

In this post, you’ll find everything you need to learn about breadcrumbs, including why they are so important, how to make them more efficient, and how they can help SEO.

What are breadcrumbs?

A breadcrumb trail is a small menu that is usually near the bottom of a webpage that serves to aid in navigation. It outlines the route to take to go from this page to the main page.

Different kinds of breadcrumbs

Breadcrumbs can come in different kinds. However, all of them are geared towards the same objective, i.e., to aid users in understanding the relation to the page they are viewing and the rest of the website.

For instance, if you take a look at the breadcrumb-based menu in this article, you’ll be able to see it’s an article in this SEO articles category.

These breadcrumbs are the most popular:

Hierarchy Based Breadcrumbs

The above example is an example of a typical hierarchical (or geographically based) breadcrumb-based menu. The standard breadcrumb you’ll find on websites or blogs uses a simple hierarchical design.

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Dynamic Breadcrumbs

Attribute-based or dynamic breadcrumbs are used when products have multiple attributes. The breadcrumb trail indicates this to aid navigation.

Here’s an example site for e-commerce:

History Based Breadcrumbs

The breadcrumb path is derived from the pages the user has been to. This isn’t an excellent SEO Web design method and isn’t frequently used.

Why are Breadcrumbs Important?

Breadcrumbs are an essential element of an SEO-friendly site due to

This is why people gravitate to:

  • They aid in navigation. This is the primary function of breadcrumbs. This is why people gravitate to it.
  • They motivate users to visit more pages on a site before they leave and lower bounce rates.
  • They’re great for SEO.

There are two primary advantages of breadcrumbs. Beneficial for SEO.

The first aid search engine robots during the indexing and crawling phases. The crawlers can recognize breadcrumbs and utilize the breadcrumb structure to find out more about a website or website.

Second, Google provides breadcrumbs information within its search results rather than showing the page URL.

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Breadcrumbs SEO Best Practices

To optimize your breadcrumbs for SEO, it is essential to adhere to these rules of thumb:

Check that breadcrumbs are activated and visible to users.

This might sound obvious, but many web admins tend to cover up the breadcrumbs because they feel it is not in line with the website’s style.

However, this isn’t the case. Look at the first illustration above and see how valuable the breadcrumb trace is on Rolex’s site (and it’s beautiful, too!).

Be sure that the breadcrumbs are mobile.

If you opt to display breadcrumbs for mobile phones, be sure the font is large enough that they are easy to click. It is a standard practice to cover breadcrumbs on mobiles or make them appear like buttons.

My breadcrumbs appear instead of URLs that appear in Google results because my breadcrumb schema markup is activated on my site.

Schema markup? It is a way to emphasize certain parts of your website for crawlers of search engines so that they will understand how a website is organized.

Incorporating code into the HTML (known as structured data) allows you to give search engines additional information about your website and content.

This increases the chance of receiving rich small snippets from the results of your search and properly formatted breadcrumbs.

Here’s how to include breadcrumb schemas on your site:

To make breadcrumbs work, the proper structure can be described as the breadcrumb list. It is a must-have schema with the following properties:

  • The item URL defines the item name 
  • Name – Name of breadcrumb
  • The position is the position of this item on the trail of breadcrumbs.

This is what the code looks like:

If you’re not sure, do not worry about it most of the time, you don’t need to write the code by hand.

You can automate this using Yoast SEO Plugin (WordPress). Yoast SEO plugin is built-in support for breadcrumbs.

Once your website is activated, breadcrumbs can be changed through the SEARCH APPEARANCE menu and by selecting BREADCRUMBS.

The relevant schema information is then automatically added to your website pages.

Genesis Themes (WordPress) Genesis Themes (WordPress) Genesis Themes based on Genesis (like that I’m currently using for my site, integrated ability for schemas).

If you’re not on WordPress or using another template, the best option is to determine if breadcrumbs schema is enabled on your site.

Visit the test tool for structured data and type in the URL of the pages with breadcrumbs enabled.

If everything is fine with the structured data implementation, you can view the results on the right side of the screen with no errors and no warnings.

This means that the way you have implemented it is correct.

If you are experiencing issues, warnings, or errors, or you aren’t getting a breadcrumb list, this is a sign that breadcrumb-structured data isn’t being used on your site.

The best solution to address this issue is to employ an expert specialist to incorporate the required code to all valid pages.

Key Learnings

Breadcrumb trails can benefit the user experience and help your search snippets look more appealing. And Google is a fan.

The three reasons listed above suffice to convince you to make breadcrumbs available on every page of your site.

If the designer you are working with is against this idea because it breaks the design aesthetic, take them to the designs that Rolex provides to show them there’s the possibility of incorporating breadcrumbs in any format.

In the end, ensuring you have implemented the breadcrumb list schema and have the correct structured data is crucial to allow Google or other web search engine to read your breadcrumb schema correctly.