What is google analytics? 

Google Analytics is a well-known digital analytics application. Google’s Web Analytics Service allows for in-depth analysis of your website visitors. This report provides valuable insights to help you develop your business’ success strategy.

almost all businesses have an online presence with websites. It is important to understand the structure of your website to determine if it serves its purpose. The pages they view and the amount of time they spend on your website are shown here.

It doesn’t matter if your website is informative or E-commerce; you need to understand and analyze your visitors’ behavior for better results.

These are the reasons to use Google Analytics for better insight into your website visitors and performance.

1. It’s free

Google Analytics can be used for free. It gives you the statistics and numbers you need to improve your website’s performance without additional charges.

2. Automatically collecting data

Google Analytics provides a way to import Google Analytics data into Google Docs Sites Spreadsheets Spreadsheets or Sites.

You must register for a Google account in order to use Google Analytics.

Google Analytics will automatically gather data from your site and create reports.

It is easy to collect the information. Everything is taken care of by Google Analytics. You can access your reports instantly without any delay. The feature lets you quickly implement strategies to improve performance and speed up your website’s development.

3. Customization reports can be created

You can create a custom report. You have two choices: select one of the Google Analytics reports, or use the drag-and-drop interface to make your own report.

The option to select the dimensions and metrics you would like and how they should appear is available.

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    To create your Custom Report.

  • Step 1 – Sign up for Google Analytics
  • Step 2 – Navigate to your view
  • Step 3 – Click Customization and choose Reports from the drop-down menu.
  • Step 4 – Click Customization > + Create A Custom Report
  • Step 5 -Type a title
  • Step 6 – Click on +Add A Tab For A Report (Optional).
  • Step 7 – Choose a report type: Explorer, Flat Table, Map Overlay
  • Step 8 – Define your dimensions and metrics
  • Step 9 To limit the report’s size (Optional), use the +Filter option.
  • Step 10 – Choose the location where the report should appear. Select specific view options from the drop-down menu or All views associated with this account to enable the report for all your views.
  • Step 11: Click on Save

4. Integration With Other Tools and Platforms

Google Analytics’s amazing integration with other platforms is another highlight.

Google Analytics presents an intuitive interface, just like other Google services.

This app works great on desktops and can also be used on tablets and smartphones through the Google Play Store.

Google Analytics integrates well with Google AdWords.

Linking the AdWords account and Analytics will allow us to align two tools and make them work together.

Your AdWords campaign will be improved with the help of this information.

Information obtained from Google products such as Google AdWords or Google Search Console are a possibility to integrate into Google Analytics.

5. Measure internal site search

This is your internal website. This is your internal website. It shows potential customers what they want after visiting it. This tool identifies areas with growth potential and shows you the best way to do it.

Google Analytics allows you to track internal search results with some customization.

Site search gives you a better understanding of people’s searches on your site. You can utilize these tips to boost your site’s performance.

Additional modifications can be made to your website’s navigation, product/service offerings, and other areas.

6. To understand why visitors leave your website.

The bounce rate is an important measure of the number of users who leave your website after viewing a single page. This percentage is to be reduced as much as is possible. Many businesses experience high traffic but insufficient conversions. A sign that visitors visit your site but don’t find what you need high bounce rate requires immediate action. Google Analytics provides a detailed report about pages with high bounce rates. High bounce rates could signal that your website isn’t optimized properly or that your landing pages aren’t attractive enough to get people to sign up.

The detailed report on bounce rates can be used to lower the bounce rate of your website.

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7. To determine the age, gender, and interest of your audience.

You can gather important data to identify the most effective channels to drive traffic to your site. This section provides more information about your visitors, including their age and gender.

The report includes data about how visitors came to your site.

(i) Age: This indicates what is the age of your audience.

(ii) Gender: This allows you to define your audience. The role of gender in online communication and engagement.

(iii) Interests: You can use Google Analytics to analyze your interests and optimize the website accordingly.

(iv) Device: Google Analytics shows you the type of device that they use. This information can help you make your website responsive across all devices.

You can see which type of smartphone or tablet is being used by your audience with Google Analytics.

(v) Google Analytics’ geolocation: This feature lets you know where your visitors are located, what city they live in, and the language they speak.

8. To determine which social media platforms are most suitable for

These social media platforms drive website traffic and engage potential customers.

With Google Analytics, you can see users’ attention and place your ads accordingly.

You need to have a large budget to reach customers on the best social media platforms.

A good example is: If your customer engagement is high on Facebook and you get a lot of traffic from Twitter, you can allocate more money to Facebook and less budget to Twitter to draw more customers. Google Analytics lets you monitor every social media platform you use. It is possible to see the amount of traffic each platform receives and the conversions that each produces.

9. To determine what kind of content you can create.

Content is the king, and it can increase traffic and visitor numbers if done well.

A strong content strategy can help you reach customers. Many businesses have created slide shares, blogs, and infographics that provide value to customers.

Google Analytics lets you track all content shared and viewed. Google Analytics gives a breakdown of pageviews for each blog post. Make your most popular blog more visible to increase traffic.

10. To check on the status of your objectives.

These are Google Analytics lets you see how your business progress. It is possible to assign goals to enable you to monitor the performance of your clients based on the actions they take.

You can set many goals, such as purchasing, filling in a lead generation form, or downloading an ebook. A visitor visits your landing page and completes the form. This information can help you turn a person who is a visitor into a customer.


Google Analytics is a powerful tool that will help you to grow your business. It provides valuable information which can enhance efficiency of the website and improve conversions. Google Analytics remains a cost-free and effective way to monitor your website’s analytics.